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Charm | Antique Gold Horseshoe

The Austin Bracelet Company

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Charm | Antique Gold Horseshoe

24k Gold Plated Pewter

Lead and Nickel Free

18 x 14mm

The Horseshoe Symbolizes good luck – It wasn’t the end result of the horseshoe that was the symbol of good luck in times gone by, but more of the maker of the horseshoe itself, the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith was considered to be an extremely lucky trade because they worked with fire, an element that provided protection against evil. The horseshoe was hung over the doorway of ones home to prevent from the “evil eye” form entering in. The horseshoe was considered lucky too because it used 7 iron nails to be attached, another very important and powerful number.

This charm can be added to any bangle bracelet from our Bangle & Charm Collection

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