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Mirage Honey Bee & Starcut Amazonite Diffuser Bracelet

The Austin Bracelet Company

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Mood bead diffuser bracelet
Mirage Honey Bee & Starcut Amazonite Diffuser Bracelet

The Honey Bee Mirage Bead is the focal point of this beautiful diffuser bracelet. We combined it with star cut Amazonite to highlight the teal hues in the bead. 

The Mirage bead is inspired by the mood jewelry of the '60s and '70s, these color-changing thermo-sensitive polymer beads change color with small temperature changes. Long chain crystals refract light differently at different temperatures, thus creating unique colors in every environment or mood! Essential oils should be applied to the Rosewood beads on this bracelet and avoid applying oils directly to the mirage bead.

The price listed is for a single bracelet, mix and match to create your own style!

Amazonite is a very soothing stone known for its ability to filter out stress. Amazonite empowers you, facilitating self discovery and ability to set boundaries. Amazonite balances the Throat Chakra

This bracelet comes in three sizes. For sizing please measure your wrist below your wrist bone and allow extra ½ inch for comfort. This listing is for one bracelet, multiple bracelets may be shown in the photos.

Because we use natural stone and wood every bracelet will look a little different, your bracelet will be uniquely beautiful just like you! 

We created these bracelets to be worn with your favorite essential oil if you choose. It is a great way to get the benefit of the oil long after it wears off of your skin. Simply put a couple of drops of oil in the palm of your hand, place the bracelet on top and massage the oil into the unfinished beads. 

You will notice that the Rosewood beads will develop a beautiful finish over time as you apply oils. If you need suggestions on how to wear your bracelet with oils please read our blog here! Please take care not to wear your bracelets in water as it could ruin the ability to absorb oils and affect the appearance.

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