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Stack of the Month: November | Citrine - Ametrine - Dalmatian Jasper - Gold Accents

Stack of the Month: November | Citrine - Ametrine - Dalmatian Jasper - Gold Accents

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November's Stack of the Month Bracelet Set includes three beautiful bracelets featuring Citrine, Ametrine and Dalmatian Jasper.

8mm - Citrine & Ametrine Barrel Tube Beads & Dalmatian Jasper.

8mm - Matte Citrine with Gold Heart Charm

6mm - Dalmatian Jasper with gold accents

Citrine is a beautiful yellow gemstone that supports joy, abundance and clarity and is the semi precious gemstone for the month of November.
Ametrine is a gemstone that is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine and a beautiful delicate purple color. It’s supportive to protection, healing and strength.
Dalmatian Jasper is one of my favorite gemstones to work with because of the fun ivory and black pattern and is supportive to transformation, insight and cleansing.


The porous Bayong wood beads will absorb and diffuse your favorite essential oils.

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We created these bracelets to be worn with your favorite essential oil if you choose. It is an amazing way to get the emotional benefit of the oil as you go about your day.

Simply put a couple of drops of oil in the palm of your hand, place the bracelet on top and massage the oil into the unfinished wood beads.

Read about our favorite essential oils to use with your bracelets here.

Please take care not to wear your bracelets in water as it could ruin the ability to absorb oils and affect the appearance.

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