About Us

Taia and Traci

One beautiful June morning while I was out walking my corgi Dillon, I was chatting on the phone with my sister Traci about how much I loved wearing my doTerra essential oils on a diffuser bracelet that I had found but I wished it looked prettier because it was pretty basic and actually kind of ugly!

Traci suggested that I could try and make one since I did have a little jewelry business when I was younger and should know how to do it. It was then that we got the idea to try and make some prettier, yet functional diffuser bracelets to use with our oils.

A week later I was down in Austin Texas where Traci lives and we started creating designs and making bracelets. When we started sharing them with friends and family we got great feedback and decided to start our little business.

We named our company The Austin Bracelet Company because we LOVE all things Austin and were inspired by the crunchy, artistic Austin lifestyle. I live in Glastonbury Connecticut, where we were born and raised but I tease my sister that all the cool kids are in Austin which is kinda true! 

We both began using essential oils several years ago for the emotional benefits and have since realized how beneficial they are for our complete health picture. 

Both Traci and I work with doTerra as our preferred essential oils because we trust the certified therapeutic grade quality and the integrity of the sourcing and business practices.

We know you may have found us and already have a brand that you love and that is okay, we are just glad that you found us and like our bracelets! 

A few years ago I stopped wearing perfume because I learned how bad fragrance is for my health. I still like to smell nice when I go out and often would miss putting on perfume as that finishing touch.

Now, I just slip on my favorite ATXBC diffuser bracelet and add some of my favorite "pretty" smelling oils, like Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang or Whisper and the scent of the oil stays with me as I am out and about for the day or evening.

It has become a new healthier routine and I love that I have something pretty to wear that also smells so nice. 

We want to share our bracelets with you so you can also enjoy wearing a beautiful piece of functional jewelry. We will keep the store stocked with our fan favorites and offer new inventory and limited releases every Friday at 12 noon.

So now that you know a little about us lets be friends! If you want to keep up with our new designs, special promotions and some tips on how to use your bracelet with oils to live a more healthy mindful life subscribe to our friends of ATXBC newsletter below.