About Us

Several years ago I became increasingly aware of the ridiculous amount of toxins that were in my personal hygiene and self-care products that I was dousing myself with every day.
One of the products that I absolutely loved that I was reluctant to give up was my perfume. Wearing perfume was like getting dressed, I was taught as a young teen that having a "signature scent" was a classy and refined thing to do.
I still remember my first perfume - Angel by Tierry Muglier -  purchased at Saks in NYC before it was widely distributed in suburban department stores. As I grew up so did my taste in perfume with my recent favorite being Bvlgari Omnia.
In 2019 I was a few years into my "clean beauty" journey when I discovered an Essential Oil Blend called Serenity by doTERRA.
I had been searching for a natural "perfume" after learning that my favorite signature scent contained phthalates and artificial fragrance, which potentially had harmful long term side effects for my health.
This Serenity essential oil blend was a little woodsy and a little floral without being too flowery or sweet.
I ABSOLUTELY loved this new "fragrance" and started using it as part of my morning routine, dabbing a few drops on the inside of my wrists and on my neck.
Within a few days I realized that not only did I enjoy the smell of the essential oils but that I felt so much more at ease and calmer. I was hooked!
My mother, Susanne, who had started using essential oils the year before saw how much I was enjoying using them new blend and she gifted me a lava bead bracelet that she had received as a gift.
It was very simple, made up of lava beads and a few wooden beads and I absolutely loved it!
I realized that when I applied the essential oils on the bracelet they would absorb and diffuse throughout the day and I was able to enjoy the benefits for longer.
One evening when I was going out to dinner with friends I wanted to wear the bracelet and share about how much I loved using it with the oils but I wished it looked a little nicer. It was pretty basic and certainly didn't feel very dressy. 
The next day I was out for a walk and I called my sister Traci who lives in Austin Texas, to catch up while I was walking.
I told her about the bracelet and my idea to try making aromatherapy bracelets that had better style and she encouraged me to do so, reminding me that I had a little jewelry business when I was in my late teens and that with my creative talents I would enjoy it.
I was so excited to start making bracelets of my own I began to research where I could purchase all of the materials and took a few trips to local shops to get what I needed.
I learned through trial and error what kind of cord worked best and began learning about all of the different gemstones and choosing which ones I wanted to work with first.
The creative design process that has led me to my current bracelet designs has been such a journey. When I look back at our first bracelets I can't believe how far I have come!
I love the beautiful gemstone bracelets that I have created through The Austin Bracelet Co. and I love even more how many people I have been able to support with their emotional wellness.
I receive such amazing feedback from my customers and so many have told me that wearing their bracelets and using the oils helps them to feel less stressed and have better days overall.
Thank you for being reading about my journey and I can't wait for you to try our bracelets too!