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Using our bracelets with pure essential oils can have a profoundly positive impact on your emotional wellness. We love working with doTERRA because of their purity in oils and business practices.

We are offering a FREE Bracelet* with the purchase of $100 or more in doTERRA oils using our link. 

Below are some recommendations for our favorite essential oil collections to use with your diffuser bracelets:

Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit ($100) - includes all of our Emotional Blends in easy to use roller bottles that you can take with you anywhere. https://doterra.me/87UDHx


Emotional Aromatherapy System Kit ($170) - includes all of the Emotional Blends in 5ml bottles that can be used in a diffuser or on your bracelets. https://doterra.me/22ZAv2


Custom Collection ($106) - a few of our favorite oils for managing stress, sleep and energy including Adaptiv, Cheer, Serenity and Peppermint. https://doterra.me/lulliQ 


Aroma Essentials Collection ($155) - Includes 10 bottles of our favorite essential oils and a diffuser. These 5ml bottles of oil can be used with your bracelets too! https://doterra.me/jX8MIT


Pick out your own products: my.doterra.com/taia


*In order to redeem this offer you must be a new doTERRA customer or reactivate your inactive account with us. The free bracelet can be selected from any of our individual bracelets on the website with a price under $60. This offer not available to existing doTERRA customers.


If you would like to take advantage of this offer and need help selecting oils or other products please email us austinbraceletco@gmail.com and we will offer some personal recommendations to help you get the support that you need!

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For our existing doTERRA customers:

If you are currently a doTERRA customer working with us we have free bracelets for you too!

For every three consecutive months of Loyalty Rewards Orders of 100PV or more you can choose a FREE Bracelet (up to $60) from our online store or in person at our studio. You can claim your free bracelet every three months! Please reach out to us through email austinbraceletco@gmail.com to let us know which bracelet you would like and with confirmation of your orders.