Free Bracelet Offer

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Using our bracelets with pure essential oils can have a profoundly positive impact on your emotional wellness. We love working with doTERRA because of their purity in oils and business practices.

We are offering a FREE Bracelet* with the purchase of $100 or more in doTERRA oils using our link. 

Below are some recommendations for our favorite essential oil collections to use with your diffuser bracelets:

Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit ($100) - includes all of our Emotional Blends in easy to use roller bottles that you can take with you anywhere.


Emotional Aromatherapy System Kit ($170) - includes all of the Emotional Blends in 5ml bottles that can be used in a diffuser or on your bracelets.


Custom Collection ($106) - a few of our favorite oils for managing stress, sleep and energy including Adaptiv, Cheer, Serenity and Peppermint. 


Aroma Essentials Collection ($155) - Includes 10 bottles of our favorite essential oils and a diffuser. These 5ml bottles of oil can be used with your bracelets too!


Pick out your own products:


*In order to redeem this offer you must be a new doTERRA customer or reactivate your inactive account with us. The free bracelet can be selected from any of our individual bracelets on the website with a price under $60. This offer not available to existing doTERRA customers.


If you would like to take advantage of this offer and need help selecting oils or other products please email us and we will offer some personal recommendations to help you get the support that you need!

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For our existing doTERRA customers:

If you are currently a doTERRA customer working with us we have free bracelets for you too!

For every three consecutive months of Loyalty Rewards Orders of 100PV or more you can choose a FREE Bracelet (up to $60) from our online store or in person at our studio. You can claim your free bracelet every three months! Please reach out to us through email to let us know which bracelet you would like and with confirmation of your orders.