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The Austin Bracelet Company

Apatite & Aquamarine Gemstone Stacking Bracelet

Apatite & Aquamarine Gemstone Stacking Bracelet

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Apatite  + Aquamarine + Silver Accents


Apatite - deepens meditation - eases sorrow, apathy and anger - enhances focus, clarity, intellect, motivation, acceptance and unconditional love - expands knowledge, learning, creativity and insight

Aquamarine - soothes the mind - calms energies - alleviates overwhelming emotions - dispels stress, anxious feelings and fears - brings feelings of peace, love, joy and happiness - clarifies perception - clears confusion

We use natural gemstones and every bracelet will look a little different. This listing is for one bracelet, multiple bracelets may be shown in the photos.

The Austin Bracelet Co.

This is a gemstone bracelet, not a diffuser bracelet, there are no beads on this bracelet to absorb essential oils. It looks beautiful when worn with your favorite diffuser bracelets.

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