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Double Rainbow | Natural Gemstone Chakra Balancing Diffuser Bracelet

Double Rainbow | Natural Gemstone Chakra Balancing Diffuser Bracelet

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Red Jasper + Carnelian + Yellow Calcite + Aventurine + Amazonite + Lapis Lazuli + Amethyst + Lava + Gold Plated Accents

8mm beads

Chakras are energy meridians in our bodies that when in balance, can help us connect with our emotional, physical and spiritual energy.

Our Double Rainbow Chakra Bracelet includes natural gemstones which correspond in color and vibration to each of the seven chakras. The rainbow gemstones are a reflection of each other centered around a gold heart, which reminds us that we can find peace, balance and healing within ourselves.

The lava beads will absorb and diffuse your favorite essential oils which are a very powerful tool in emotional healing.

Root Chakra - Red Jasper

Sacral Chakra - Carnelian

Solar Plexus - Yellow Calcite

Heart - Aventurine

Throat - Amazonite

Third Eye - Lapis Lazuli

Crown - Amethyst


For sizing please measure your wrist below your wrist bone and allow extra ½ inch for comfort. This listing is for one bracelet, multiple bracelets may be shown in the photos.

Because we use natural stone and wood every bracelet will look a little different, your bracelet will be uniquely beautiful just like you!

We created these bracelets to be worn with your favorite essential oil if you choose. It is an amazing way to get the benefit of the oil as you go about your day.

Simply put a couple of drops of oil in the palm of your hand, place the bracelet on top and gently massage the oil into the unfinished wood beads.

If you need suggestions on how to wear your bracelet with oils please read our blog. Please take care not to wear your bracelets in water as it could ruin the ability to absorb oils and affect the appearance.

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